Skipping or Chipmunks

Help my Stream Sounds like Chipmunks

If any of the client's media is encoded at an incorrect bit rate or sample rate, the stream will use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth, and some songs may be broadcast at an incorrect speed (leading to a "chipmunk vocal" effect). This has no effect when the streaming source is sc_trans, as sc_trans always re-encodes the media it streams.

What this means is Simple If a song is recorded at 128 kbp and you try and send it at a speed of 192 it may skip because the song was recorded with smaller packets, and your trying to send large packets  it don't work good sometimes. You can how ever send a song recorded at 192 kbp and send it at 128 with good success.

You can not send a song thru an Encoder at a higher bit rate then it was recorded at. 

Nowadays SHOUTcast V2 re-encodes the bit rate and will send at the proper rate your stream can handle.

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