Welcome to MJs Stream Solutions in Secondlife

A small bit of history

It started in 2007.I was listening to the radio and heard of a community on the internet called "Secondlife". They are a 3D Virtual community sort of like the Sims Games. But this was different, You are completely in control of your Resident Avatar. You create your avatar and then you start going to different places to learn how to Walk, Run, Fly,Build, Travel, etc. In this 3D World you could explore City's and Country's. Things in Real Life are in this 3D adventure. Educational classe's, Sports, Clothing, Even Major Car Companys were in here promoting the cars. This 3D enviroment even has its own money and the big difference is you can convert the game money thru a money exchange to US, French, Italian, Mexican or Canadian Dollars, does not matter where you live or what your currency is. There is so much to see and listen to in ( SL ) Artists, Musicians, DJ's, Teachers, so many ways and things you can learn. It can all be found in here.

So this page is still being built. and Shows Available Shoutcast/Icecast Stream Servers in our MJs Shoutcast Barn, lol yep inside the ( SL ) 3D world. We have been involed with this for over 15 years now, supplying Shoutcast and Icecast Streams to anyone who needed it DJ's Musicians, Venue Club Owners, Land Owners.