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So now that you have the SHOUTcast, Icecast or Liquid Soap Stream Info, What do you do with it? Well you take the Username and Password you were giving in the Welcome Emails. Put them in your Centovacast Login box. This is what it looks like below.  Client Page  as seen below..

Centovacast Login.png

Now you will enter your Centova Control Panel. On the left side you should see this..


This is your control panel itself. You can Start and Stop your stream when and if there is a problem. Get Quick links for your fans and stuff. You can check all kinds of Statistics. You can go in and change your passwords etc. This is the first thing to do!  CHANGE your PASSWORDS by clicking on the Settings link in the Configuration Section. 

Passwords Box

Now you'll see your passwords boxes as seen Above.

The box is Source password, This needs to be changed. You should see *** in the box already. These are most likely the default passwords generated by Centova. You can click the view icon on the right so the password is visible. So Change the Source Password to the Password you chose when you purchased your Stream. This becomes your Encoder Setup password. Your Administrator Password should also be changed. Its mainly used to view your Server Info pages. Honestly don't waste your time with it. Once the passwords have been changed go to the bottom and Click Update let it refresh. Now click on Stop to turn off your server. Let it refresh. Now click on Start let it refresh and you should be up and running.

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