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Most Popular Articles

 MJ's Stream Solutions,Who are We?

MJ's Stream Solution's is a dedicated SHOUTcast Stream Provider, and have been for over 15yrs....

 What can I do with a Shoutcast or Icecast Stream ?

IN SL (Secondlife) and RL (Real Life) you can do many things.Broadcast Media  ( Music, Voice,...

 What is a Shoutcast Stream ?

A SHOUTcast Stream is really nothing more then a pathway on the Internet for you to broadcast,...

 What does 192 kbps and 44mHz stuff mean

The numbers 64, 128, 192, up to 320 are the sizes of the packets themselves, Not just the speed...

 Are the Nums 64,128,192 Bandwith?

To keep it Simple Yes. The larger you send in size the more bandwith will be used.Streaming at...

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