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Streaming HTTP vs HTTPS

HTTP= "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol"    Standard protocol for the web ( NOT SECURE ) Things just flow
HTTPS= "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure"    New Standards for web media ( SECURE ) Things flow with bodyguards lol

Not to long ago, Streaming on the Internet was sent over Standard Protocols for HTTP without to many hassles. It was easy to setup and get your info out to the world. Whether it was a Speech, an Audiobook, Music, or even some Video, even Corporate meetings or to just show some Pictures of fantastic desserts and meals. Then came the "Change" all the major powers on the World Wide Web had decided that there should be some standards for Browser Media Security, fair enough security is good, no denying that. So The HTTPS Media rewrite takes place and the way all media is handled in your browser has now been changed to only come in your browser or player, from a Secure and Trusted site. There is alot more to it, but that is what has happened. Most of you, probably never noticed, except maybe a broken media link or errors in a Player. It all runs pretty smooth once you run the wrinkles out.

The biggest difference is.. What you want as the viewer or listener?. Music and Video can be broadcast in many different formats. Some formats are still used for just a basic audio stream, Voice/Music. They can still be sent over "HTTP", Most good players or programs will pickup the broadcast and you'll hear it. What "HTTP" will not do is give you all the relative info about the music or artists. NO Album art, Artist Bio Info, Maybe not even a Title. It really depends on the broadcast format and the info stored in the music or media. The media has its own properties that will sometimes show in the Info.

 Modern day streaming is done over "HTTPS" all the new Hardware and software built for HTML5 are using Browsers to Bring Music/Video to life. Most players today will except a HTTPS url address or by opening a Browser, and going to your favorite DJ's fan page, and you click on the music player so you can enjoy the show. Sometimes when you click on a player or a music file you may get a download of what's usually called a playlist or (.pls). Your computer or Device will either ask you which program to open with, or it may just open a default program, that might already be setup.     

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