Broadcasting VS Streaming

Broadcasting VS Streaming
A simple explanation of the the small differences between the Two ( 2 )This info is based on regular info found all over the net, and put together to inform you :)
MJ's Stream Solutions Broadcasts and Streams your entertainment via Cable, Fiber Optic or even wireless thru Wifi, BlueTooth cable modems etc.

Broadcasting goes back many years to the 1920's-30's with the invention of the radio. Wireless actually goes farther back into the 1860's-80's. So radio for many years was the talk of the town, some home entertainment if you will. If you had a radio you sat around and listened, not much was broadcasted, but what you did hear was exciting. Broadcasting was also AUDIO only, no pictures, no film just sound. Then came Television in the 1950's-60's, it was sound with pictures and it moved around ( Live Action ) lol, it was live Television. This was Broadcasting, The term today has still survived. The Radio in your car is receiving a broadcast, but its a Digital signal. The older signals were Analog and are still being broadcast today, by law here in the U.S. Analog signals are being sent out over the airwaves, so your antenna style products like older ( Radios, TV's ) still function. Radios from early years still work because of analog signals, and because of and for emergency situations, Bad Storms, Earth shattering kabooms and such. So its still here and Broadcasting for everyday communications and its Free. When you "Cast" your phone signal to a TV or monitor, thats Broadcasting or "Casting".

Streaming is essentialy the samething, only in a Digital form and is the Fancy word for... you guessed it...Broadcasting. It can be sent thru WIFI, BlueTooth, over Cable or Fiber Optic. Its just a Digital signal. Your newer cars have Digital and or Satellite Radio connections processing digital signals. For Streaming, a cable hookup ( Hardwired ) was best and probably still is, then came fiber optic, and wifi. Because of cell phones and tablets growth, Wifi was increased and enhanced to do more, just look at your options now a days lol. Every major Communications outlet, sends out something for you to see, or hear, but you can't touch it ...till it arrives at your Door.

So Broadcasting and Streaming are essentialy the same with 2 names:)

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