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 What is a Shoutcast Stream ?

A SHOUTcast Stream is really nothing more then a pathway on the Internet for you to broadcast,...

 MJ's Stream Solutions,Who are We?

MJ's Stream Solution's is a dedicated SHOUTcast Stream Provider for over 7yrs, bringing streaming...

 What can I do with a Shoutcast or Icecast Stream ?

IN SL (Secondlife) and RL (Real Life) you can do many things.Broadcast Media  ( Music,...

 Are the Nums 64,128,192 Bandwith?

To keep it Simple Yes. The larger you send in size the more bandwith will be used.Streaming at...

 What is in a MJ's Streamsolutions Package

That would depend on what you need, MJ's Stream Solutions has, small, medim, and large stream...